Authorised Person/Management Courses

Authorised Person / Management Courses


Morsafe Limited offers Authorised Person and Authorised Person Refresher training in managing Confined Spaces, Work at Height and Petroleum Installations which have been identified by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as High Risk, requiring particular attention in the assessment of risk and implementation of suitable and sufficient control measures when engaging in such work

Our courses are designed to give delegates the requisite knowledge to be able to perform the duties of an Authorised Person in accordance with current regulations and company procedures such as MoD JSP 375, SNHS/NHS HTMs, Babcock, EMCOR, ENGIE or similar procedures to ensure robust safe systems are implemented and maintained

Morsafe Limited are able to offer a variety of training courses in Confined Spaces, Height Safety and Petroleum Installations ranging from simple Awareness courses to more complicated Management / Authorised Person courses

Safe systems training is provided to the MoD in the delivery of Health & Safety Manual JSP 375 and supporting mainstream Facilities Management companies, large organisations, the NHS and the SNHS utilising the experience of our dedicated Authorising Engineers and Trainers who have developed their skills and competency in a variety of scenarios and locations throughout UK and Overseas

All Employees need to know how to work safely and without risks to health and as an Employer, giving your workers the right training, knowledge and qualifications to enable them to develop their experience and skill is not only a legal duty but also can contribute to the success of your business and employer satisfaction

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