With a huge 25% of all fatal injuries from workers being from falling from a height, appropriate training is vital. As a business owner, you must know what your responsibilities are when it comes to working at height training in Peterborough. The phrase’ work at height’ means anywhere a person could fall if precautions aren’t put in place. Because this covers a huge range of jobs and industries, many businesses need working at height training.

What Regulations Are There For Working At Height Training In Peterborough?

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 is in place so that employees and businesses are kept safe. You must ensure that workers have appropriate safety equipment when working at height, and the regulations also state that everyone should have appropriate training. These regulations apply to employers, contractors or factory owners who have a team that work at height. Anyone who works at height must be considered competent to do so. This means they must have sufficient skills to complete work safely, and these skills are often obtained from training.

What Is Working At Height?

If you are unsure if your business needs working at height training in Peterborough, you should consider if any of your employees;

  • Work up high or above ground level.
  • Are ever at risk of falling from an edge.
  • Could fall through an opening.
  • Could be at risk of falling from ground level down to an opening in the ground.

If any of your employees meet these criteria, then they are considered as working at height and so training is required. Types of businesses that often need this training include window cleaners, construction workers and firefighters because they are often working high up.

To book working at height training in Peterborough, or find out more information, get in touch with Morsafe today.

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