AP06R – 3 Day Authorised Person (Confined Spaces) Refresher Course

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Dates & Location

06 – 08 Jul 2020 Peterborough Course delivered
21 – 23 Sep 2020 Peterborough Course delivered
16 – 18 Nov 2020 Edinburgh Course delivered
07 – 09 Dec 2020 Peterborough FULL

15 – 17 Feb 2021 Peterborough Limited places available
12 – 14 Apr 2021 Peterborough Places available
19 – 21 Apr 2021 Edinburgh Places available
14 – 16 Jun 2021 Peterborough Places available
23 – 25 Aug 2021 Peterborough Places available
11 – 13 Oct 2021 Edinburgh Places available
18 – 20 oct 2021 Peterborough Places available
06 – 08 Dec 2021 Peterborough Places available

Cost: Non-Residential

2020 courses £810.00 + VAT
2021 courses £810.00 + VAT

Cost: Residential

2020 courses £1,006.00 + VAT
2021 courses £1,006.00 + VAT

Additional evening meal and B&B is available for delegates wishing to travel the day before the course commences at £98.00 + VAT

Purpose of the course:

This course delivers 21 hours Accredited Continuing Professional Development classroom and practical instruction and is designed to refresh delegates who hold an appointment as an Authorised Person (Confined Spaces) to the Safety Rules & Procedures for working in confined spaces, thus ensuring that a Safe Systems of Work is maintained, managed and controlled by competent persons.  This course meets the main requirements of MoD JSP 375, Chapter 6 - Confined Spaces, SNHS/NHS confined space procedures and many other similar company procedures along with the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L101.

On completion of the course, delegates will have been reminded of and given the requisite information to be able to identify and advise on typical confined spaces and the associated risks, check the competency of operatives, the quality of their equipment and ensure that the correct control measures and safety documentation are in place prior to issuing a permit for any work to be carried out.

What will be covered on the course:

  • Health and Safety and Confined Spaces Regulations
  • Hazards Associated with Confined Spaces
  • Identifying Confined Spaces
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Emergency Arrangements
  • Introduction to Chapter 6 Confined Spaces Safety Rule & Procedures
  • Roles and Duties
  • Application of Chapter 6
  • Management Arrangements and Training Requirements
  • Reminder of Confined Space PPE Plant & Equipment
  • Practical use of Tripod, Winch and EBA
  • Overview of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Operational Procedures Standing Instruction - Worked Example
  • Operational Procedures Safety Programme and PTW - Worked Example
  • Scenario based assessment, multiple-choice test paper and familiarisation exercise

Course summary:

  • Course duration: Three days
  • Delivery: Classroom based theory training and practical exercises
  • Assessment: Multiple choice test paper and scenario based assessment
  • Certification: CPD Accredited Certificate of Training (valid for 3 years)

Additional information:

  • Delegates must have a good command of written and spoken English
  • Delegates will require suitable PPE (footwear, gloves and clothing)
  • Delegates must be medically and physically fit to work in confined spaces and carry out manual handling (a self-certification questionnaire is to be completed on the course)

For current availability & booking contact our Course Administrator:

Office: 01733 247999

Mobile: 07377 878005 (available from 9am to 1pm Mon - Fri)

Download leaflet:

AP06R - 3 Day AP(CS) Refresher Leaflet

12 reviews for AP06R – 3 Day Authorised Person (Confined Spaces) Refresher Course

  1. Darren Green

    Excellent venue and course delivered fantastically.


    Another excellent course, venue and instructor.

  3. Grant Oakes

    Relaxed, informative and excellently delivered.

  4. joel osborne

    Our trainer made the training much more relaxed and understandable

  5. Rob Bain

    A well presented course, in a relaxed environment with a knowledgeable instructor.

  6. Tim G

    Enjoyed the course. Good refresher

  7. Paul B

    The course was presented excellently and was a fun environment and this was reflected in the course.

  8. Andrew K

    Very enjoyable course

  9. Steven L

    A very good refresher course

  10. James W

    Very good course, especially from a refresh point of view.

  11. Grant O

    Very relaxed and informative instruction. Much to digest and put into practice.

  12. Jamie Humphries

    Course ran smoothly, tutor very informative and relaxed. Good venue and easily located.

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