Rescue Provision

Rescue Provision

Morsafe understand that it is not always cost effective to have a fully trained, competent and well equipped Rescue Team available for every event that may be planned for you work place

Morsafe can assist by delivering a compliant rescue solution for Confined Space or Working at Height tasks that you or your contractors may have to undertake when the risk of the task/location or both are high enough (based on assessment) to warrant the requirement for an on site Rescue Team being present

Our Rescue Teams come fully able to deliver a rescue in the event of an emergency occurring using maintained and inspected equipment ready to operate in any location

Preparation is key and we will liaise with you as the client in every aspect to ensure the correct level of rescue provision and equipment is on site ready and available in accordance with an agreed Emergency & Rescue Plan

This may also involve liaising with the local or national emergency services to provide additional assistance where available

Safety Documentation

As part of the service, Morsafe will provide a suite of safety documents associated with the potential rescue and recovery based on the foreseen hazards and the location

They will clearly indicate who is responsible for what actions and how the potential rescue will be carried out forming part of the overall Emergency & Rescue Plan

For further details on Rescue Provision, contact or call our office on 01733 247999

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Any questions, contact or give us a call on 01733 247999